This train ride we are on just seems to keep going... From doing a show at the weekend, straight into making then back out the following weekend and repeat.. I think the last month or so I have lost some of my sparkle, I had got the balance wrong. Hence why I struggled to even write this and I thoroughly enjoy  writing about the crazy show world we operate in. 

I have however had two particular customers that really touched me over the last two weekends and have inspired me to write this and also get some balance back our life's. Before I come to these people I'll explain  what we have been up to.  

The bank holiday weekend I was at Carfest, this was a big weekend for me as I managed to get some good friends tickets so they could come down for the weekend and enjoy the festival and see what I get up to whilst away. It turned out to be an amazing weekend, I am a worrier so was worried if they would enjoy it, could they handle the camping etc I shouldnt have worried it was great fun. They even cooked me bacon wraps and brought them to the stand.. That might not sound much but was pure luxury compared to what I'm used to!!  Eventually on the Saturday I was removed from the stand and they all had a go selling... That wasn't why they were there, they were supposed to be off enjoying the festival but they were loving the buzz of selling and dealing with the customers. It made me realise that I had lost some of the enthusiasm needed behind a stand, watching them full of beans . As I was redundant and the weather was beautiful I ended up lying on the grass listening to music drinking cold beer watching my friends sell my product and having a great time.. Life doesn't get any better than that..  

It was a some point during the Saturday a particular lady came up to the stand. Now I'm usually good with faces so I recognised her from the previous year. She said she had been here the year before and bought from the man on the stand. I said that was me and joked I was a year older which is why she didn't recognise me.. She replied you look younger.. She then went on to say I looked awful last year and seemed in a dark place.. This instantly hit  nerve with me, she went on to say she had followed our journey and was so proud of what we were doing... She then lent over the stand gave me a hug and a kiss and off she went. Wow, I had to walk off the stand, luckily I had my big sunglasses on so no one could see the tears in my eyes, now I wasn't in the worst place of my life but I think it made me realise how much you can change your life in a year. How lucky we have been. Even writing about it brings it back. I stood for a few minutes looking over the festival fields just reflecting and felt alot of my spark come back. I'm sorry as I don't know the ladies name but thank you and I hope I see you at Carfest next year. All my friends enjoyed the weekend and are down for coming next year.  

This weekend I was at Chatsworth, on my own this time. It was a good weekend, stunning scenery and I loved watching the hot air balloons going up. Met some very nice people, some strange people and some rude people. I was lucky that some good friends on the show scene live nearby and kindly put me up for the weekend.

Now if you have ever met me at show you will of noticed that my left arm shakes.. This can make pouring samples fun.. 99% of people are too polite to mention it however you get the odd smart arse who likes to try and make fun when surrounded by their friends. Most of the time I just ignore it but sometimes when I'm tired or a bit down it makes me angry. On the last day of Chatsworth I was cold tired and grumpy.. A wonderful combination! It seemed that every arse was coming to my stand just for a free sample and/or to comment on my shaky arm. Then I was quiet for a patch and a young girl in her 20's came up. Politely asked for a sample and just said oh you shake too? I was confused, I thought here we go again.. But no she then said I shake the same. This instantly got my attention, so while sampling we got talking. She was telling that two years ago she had a stroke whilst heavily pregnant with her baby. Just as she was recovering she had another stroke so had to have the baby by c-section. Fortunately the baby was fine and the lady made a pretty good recovery apart from her shakes. We ended up taking for quite a while, this again for some reason really touched me and I wanted to give her a hug.. I didn't because my kids tell me my hugs are not very good and I didn't want to kill the moment. Again I wish I knew her name, but whoever you are thank you, I wish you well and hopefully see you next year!! 

So usually I write about the funny or daft things that happen but not this week. It's amazing how something  very small can send your mind into a down ward spiral regardless of how good things are and at the same time how two random chance meeting can touch you and bring you out of it...  

 Have a good week x