Time to Detox

For anyone that likes reading these I apologise for not writing one for a while. Being busy is not an excuse because I find you do the things you want to do however busy you are. So I guess on that logic I didn't want to write so I didn't. 

This then becomes the norm and then before you know it you have stopped doing something and never go back to it. I've broken that pattern and given myself a kick up the arse and sat down to write/type this.  

We have been doing lots of shows which I will come onto shortly and we still have some exciting plans in the pipeline which are taking longer than hoped but we will keep chipping away. 

We been to shows all over the country, at one point I had three shows back to back, starting in Norfolk, over to Wales and then up to Cheshire. I even had to hire a large van for the week, which doubled up as my accommodation.. Usually we stay in a hotel while away but if the Showground has showers on site then I'm quite happy to camp. I decided that the back of the van would need more comfortable than in a tent. I have to say the first few nights were very cosy. But then I kept getting cramp in my hamstrings when trying to get up off the mattress. This progressed to the point of cramp in both legs in the middle of the night when getting up for a wee.. I was stuck for a moment lying on my back, both legs locked rigid thinking how do I move before I wet myself.. So I ended up shuffling along until I could open the door and put my legs down.. Luckily I rescued the situation.   One of the benefits/downsides to camping at a show is that usually there are several others doing it so what inevitably happens is someone's offers you a beer in the middle of the afternoon whilst you are serving, so you discreetly have a drink. Now I don't normally drink day to day so being away for 10 days you end up drinking every day, I blame the drinking for the cramp. 

On one of the days in Wales I bought a bottle of tonic so in the afternoon I made a Gin and Tonic using our new Blackberry and Apple Liqueur, my word was that nice, so I had another, then another.. I thought because it's a liqueur is not that strong but come 3 pm im stood on the stand very merry.. Not the best thing to do. It did increase sales though because people kept asking what I was drinking, then they would pinch my drink, try it and then I sold out of Blackberry and Apple. So if you see me at a stand supping away feel free to try it...  The show in Wales finished on the Thursday and I had to be at Carfest on the Friday which started at midday. Now in my wisdom it seemed a good idea to stay in Wales Thursday night and leave early morning to Carfest as it's only 2 hours away. From a traffic point of view it was a great idea... From a health and detox point of view not so good because Fudgie was doing to same. So whilst everyone is struggling with traffic we decide to walk into town and relax over a pint in a pub. This all seems stupid logic now because after four or five pints we are stood in a petrol station buying every conceivable sweet item we could, from muffins to chocolate to cookies around 10pm half cut and I had to leave at 4am...thanks Fudgie. 

The following morning going to Carfest I felt awful, I had gotten Man Flu again, it had been going around our marque so I think the tiredness, poor diet and extra booze I had been having led me to catch it.  

I was meeting my wife at Carfest, the idea was we could sell during the day and then spend some quality time together in the evenings. I even booked and paid for exhibitor camping with hot showers and clean toilets. Now am I the only one who has these good ideas in my head that never live up to what I've built them up to.  So I sold the weekend away together on this romantic dream.. How was I to know the reality was 

I had man flu so full of snot..  

It poured with rain the first day so mud everywhere

An awful double air bed in the back of a van  

The toilets were disgusting and the wife even gagged  

The showers were so small that when the wife bent over to get dressed her bum pressed the shower on soaking her clothes


All of the above is clearly my doing....  


So apart from the above a had a very good few days selling..  

After that week we took a week off to recover, my birthday was in the middle of the week and I did everything that I enjoyed doing, a nice early morning gym session then all my daughters came to the beach with us and the dogs and had a nice walk whilst the dogs played in the sea. This was followed by a pub lunch and a pint.. Life couldn't of been better.  

So now we are back into it properly, I just came back from a show in the lake district, was a good weekend with good people again. Tom Candle (can you guess what he makes and sells??) was sleeping in the marque as security, I walked in and saw his tent had collapsed, couldn't help take a pic and told him I would share it on here. Who said this life wasn't glamorous.. 

Looking forward to see what the next few weeks bring...  





Tom Candles luxury accommodation  


Please sir can  I have more