Its been a while!

Ive missed two weeks writing on here, the main reason for that is I couldnt bring myself to write my ramblings and post them on the internet when all the terrible tragedies were happening around us.

It really does make you think about how lucky you are. 

We have been very busy, there have been some mid week shows such as the Lincolnshire Show and The Royal Norfolk., plus our usual weekend ones.

My wife and daughter have been doing the mid week ones so I can concentrate on making things and its worked out well. They have had some amazing days and now inform me I have been demoted and they are the A Team...will have to see about that. 

I think ive said this before but you can meet 100 people at a show, 99 of them are nice and pleasant and then that 1 person who is rude or obnoxious can dramatically change your day. Irrespective of your days takings. Its a real shame and we have to remind ourselves of the 99 nice ones. It seems that some people at a show are simply there to almost insult you or trying to catch you out..they get off on trying to annoy you..very odd. As a stall holder we spend a lot of money to exhibit so when someone offers you £8 for something you are selling for £12.50 dont be suprised when we get annoyed with you..anyway im not going to focus on the 1 out of 100.

We are still amazed when people come up to us and say they follow us on Facebook, I even had someone say they read my blog! Now that is mad..I did apologie for the content.

I was at a show this weekend in Cheshire. In my wisdom I left home Friday afternoon to drive there. Now living over here we dont have that much traffic, but the M6 on a Friday at 5pm was a nightmare. The last 2 miles to the hotel took me 45 minutes..I could of walked it quicker.

When I arrived at the show Saturday morning to set up I knew as soon as I drove on this was going to be a disaster. We were in a small village on a small village green, it was all set up nicely etc but there were too many exhibitors for too small space. There was simply no way they could get enough people in the venue to make it pay. So it was just about damage limitation. There is nothing worse than starting your weekend knowing at best you might break even..and thats forgetting your time.  

The only saving grace was a couple of good friends from the shows were next to me. Fudgie and Cheesy.  

I say it was a good thing but fudgie was next to me with his snow cone machine and cheesy was directly behind me. I would then have to endure the snow cone machine grinding  away whilst being pelted with small balls of cheese from behind. To be fair none of them hit me, instead they kept landing in my sample bucket which was full of water and now cheese. I kept looking at the sample bucket because it started to go a murky brown colour..thats odd, nothing else for it but to get my hand in there. Guess what I fished out, a very large turd looking peice of brown fudge. Looked bloody awful. I assumed it was fudge...

You do get some characters on the show scene and we met one this weekend. I spoke to someone who works in the wine industry who actually said the words "Im a legend" meaning he was a legend in his field. Now Im not the best person in the world to be hearing this so I shared it with Fudgie and Cheesy. Later on that day Fudgie and Cheesy collared the said legend to ask him about his legend took the guy a few minutes to realise that they were taking the pee..also me trying to take a selfie with legend didnt help and off he ran and didnt come back. Its small moment's like these that make a bad weekend much better. 

On a more positive note my Mrs did a small one day show at Holbeach Saturday and had an unbelievable day, so good I think Im on the verge of being sacked so she might be looking for a replacement soon, watch this space..