Where did that week go

Where on earth are these weeks going... Seems they go by in the blink of an eye.. 

Last week myself and my daughter were at the Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate. The show ran from Tues to Thurs.  

We set of Monday lunch time to set up a day early, after a couple of false starts and having to come back after setting off because I forgot our table cloth we were finally on our way.  

We live 5 minutes from Wisbech and my daughter insisted we stop at Wisbech for lunch... So finally we were on our way.  

The idea behind setting the stand up the day before is there is less pressure and it's calmer than the morning of the show. However the reality at an event the size of the Great Yorkshire Show is absolute carnage. It's full of high vis wearing clipboard yielding little Hitlers bossing you around. Admittedly I didn't realise they were operating a one way system when I got lost and was driving the opposite way trying to find our stand.. After being sent off the Showground and the rejoining the que to get back, checking in with the same guy who previously checked us in 5 minutes earlier and didn't recollect we had already checked in we finally found our pitch and set up. 

 I also found the time to be a hero (slight exaggeration), a lady in her van was having a meltdown about parking it in the mayhem that was going on. She asked me if I would park it because in her words she was crap at driving. I said sure and jumped in,  it was only when I jumped in I realised there were two other ladies laughing at their mate and then staring at me trying to parralell park the van. No pressure then.. I by luck did it which in my head means I can claim hero status. 

We then set off to our accommodation which was a small apartment in a lovely village. We went to the local pub which had an Indian restaurant at the back. Now since we have started making chilli products and peer pressure from friends I have started going hotter with curries. I ordered Chilli Chicken Tikka Masala... My word it was hot. Sitting in a restaurant sweating, nose running and mopping my brow is not my idea of a nice meal, other people tell me they love that.. I just don't get it. Not to mention the after effects of it.. I won't go into details on here.... 

We then had three days selling at the show. The first day it poured with rain. Amazingly people still came out and in hindsight we did ok, during it there is nothing worse than standing with shorts on with soaking wet feet and shivering. Ill never learn, I should just look at the weather forecast before setting off. Im away next week in Wales so I might just do that...

I have to say staying in an apartment was so much better than a hotel, we had our own living room and kitchen. So instead of having to go out in the evening to eat, after a 14 hour day thats the last thing anyone wants to do, instead we dined on some microwave meals from Morrisons and crashed.

We got home late Thursday night and on the Friday I  went to watch the Grand Prix at Silverstone for the weekend. My 40th birthday treat from the wife. We had a great time me and my friend Mark. We drank far too much on the Friday night, danced with a very large hairy man wearing just a mankini...at one point we turned around and the mankini man was on some very strong mans shoulders...all ill say it was very hot in the tent I hope he washed his shoulders thoroughly...

All in all a great week and now heading into another very busy one..