Been outgrumped

I can't keep saying that these weeks fly by or that it only seems like yesterday since I wrote last week's but that's what it feels like...

We just get busier and busier..which is a great thing  

Having bank holidays are great for sales and selling but then they cut your production time down by a day so you sell more but have less time to make things before you then have to go out again. 

I was at a three day show Friday, Saturday and Sunday so my production week was actually Tuesday to Thursday. After three very long day we got there.  

I travelled to my show early morning on the Friday, now usually when they put on a 3 day show the Friday is usually very slow, to the point I don't know why they even bother..actually I do know why, they can then charge us more for a 3 day show which just a 2 day one spread over 3 days. This was a new show for me with a new company so I arrived bright and early full of optimism. The show looked quite good, reasonable size etc. I found my stand space and started unloading the car. The stand next to me was one I saw at Highclere last week and had bought a bacon sandwich from. So i stuck my smiling face (in my head it was a happy face) round the corner said hello and asked if it was him at Highclere. The mid fifties guy looked up and his only reply was "Why?" I said excuse me, so he repeated "Why?" I know I can be a grumpy old sod but this man was off the charts...I said I had breakfast from him and wondered if he had a good show. He just shrugged me off. I couldn't help but laugh..I think he has won the title of the most grumpy arse I have ever met. I then tried to speak to someone else in our marque and that didn't work either. I thought wow this is going to be a very hard show. Usually there is a pretty good camaraderie between stall holders, even if you have never seen them before or after but this was totally different for me.

As it was a few of them warmed up over the weekend and were pleasant and some were good fun. I point blankly refused to acknowledge grumpy next door for the rest of the weekend, even when he said morning to me I blanked him. In my head that made us even.

The other issue with our marque was it stank. It was really bad. It was very warm and I had a large olive stand to my left..a cheese stand opposite and a sausage stand to my right who were cooking sausages for tasting right next to me. Next to them was a French cheese stand. So in the hot stuffy conditions it bloody stank. Even had some customers say our tent stink..i couldn't argue with them. It was bad...

As predicted Friday was a complete waste of everyone's time. I also found out the organiser was charging £11 wonder no one was there. Who wants to spend £11 getting in a venue to walk round and the only people you see are more people trying to get money off you for something or other.. 

This all left me in a proper grump so I didn't even bother going out Friday night, instead I sat in my hotel room eating an awful Subway and drinking a cheap bottle of Prosecco. I did drink a bottle of our new Blackberry  and Apple liqueuer with it Party for one... 

The Saturday and Sunday were better days, and overall made the show worth doing but it's somehow managing your mind and your boredom. This is when I usually word can I eat when I'm bored. 

My wife did a one day show on Sunday and our friend went along to help her. I had told our friend Rae just what to expect and what people can be like. Now the majority of people you meet at shows are pleasant. However you do have some very strange and funny experiences..Rae got to see this first hand and they seemed to have a great day. She now understands just how funny it is when someone asks you if Toffee Vodka is alcoholic or what alcohol is in Toffee Vodka....Or how rude someone can be when all you habe said is hello and they compeltely blank you. See Rae I wasn't making it up!!

So back to the making etc ready for what is a very important week which I will hopefully be able to report on next week.


I also hurt my finger if anyone is interested