Only a croissant!

Now that was a full on week....

We had a few shows at the weekend, one of which started on Thursday which my wife was doing. This meant that she left Wednesday.  So I was wearing many many hats...production manager, marketing manager (dealing with social media), Mum and Dad rolled into one, cook, cleaner, taxi for the girls and dog walker. Sounds exhausting just typing it..who said us men can't multi task??

My word did I boss those couple of days, even though they were long ones I was well chuffed with what I achieved.  

The Mrs was at a show where for some reason everyone was rude, blunt and obnoxious. That does happen every now and then, it makes it hard work but like a trooper she stuck it out and ended up having a good show.  

I finally left for my show Friday evening, it didn't start till Saturday morning so I could chill out at the hotel with a pint and a carvery... 

I was up bright and early Saturday morning as my show was in a city centre and I needed to set up my gazebo etc. I got set up no problem and parked the car. When I got back to the car the gazebo had moved about 6 feet in the wind. Even though it was weighted down. Buggar..not had this issue before. Made me laugh when a fellow trader said I saw your gazebo go..Really? So you stand and watch someones Gazebo move in the wind and do nothing...cheers then! I ended up having to take all the sides off as the wind got worse.  

I was located right next to the chefs stage, the presenter was warming the crowd up telling them about this celebrity chef that's coming etc Now I had heard of this Chef but didn't know a lot about him. 

When he arrived he came up to me to say hello  shook my hand and in a French accent mentioned something about  a picture. I didn't know what he was taking about so he said do you want a picture, now this is how poor I am at social media stuff and grabbing the opportunities I replied "not really". He looked at me oddly, he said again come and have a picture..I begrudgingly went round the front. Now I must point out, this was not me being up my own arse or anything like that, this was me being totally ignorant to the photo opportunities and utilising them on social media etc So Jean on the rare chance you see this I apologise for being a dick.

I spoke with the chef a lot throughout the day and watched him have time for everyone and have to say he was a decent man. He made a lot of middle aged women very happy with all the selfies they kept taking with him. I thinking of having a spray tan and brushing up on my French.... 

Saturday was an ok day, there was no way I could leave my gazebo overnight so I had the fun of packing it all away and taking it with me. 

Sunday morning I had to find a shop that sold ice, I decided to grab  a couple of croissants (a choc one and a maple syrup one!) to have for breakfast when I had set up. 

I've been using an app called myfitnesspal to track my calories, to partly lose some weight but more importantly to ensure I get the right macros for the amount of working out I do etc. So i sat there and plumbed in the details for the two croissants and I glad I did it before I ate them..800 calories!! My word..what a waste of calories.. to put that in perspective yesterday I had some egg on toast with a couple of slices of bacon and that was half the calories. I thought sod this I'll have to bin them. Now what im about to say is not for praise or anything like that, infact Im ashamed that its not someting I have done of and it took a app to prompt this.

As I walked over to the bin I saw two homeless people sleeping rough. I'll be completely honest I thought shall I go over or shall I not. I hesitated and then I thought no I'll go and say hello. It was a man and a lady, I just said Hi, told them I had just bought the food but changed  my mind. I didn't feel the need to explain my calorie counting....they took the croissants and said thanks. Now I just walked away, just pleased I didn't bin them and didn't think any more of it.

I started serving etc but the wind was so bad I had to take the Gazebo down (with help) and stand exposed which is not nice. I then thought this is pointless I'll pack up and go home. Only because I wasn't prepared to be stood in a city centre with just a table full of booze and anyone can walk up behind me etc. 

As I was packing away and loading my car the homeless lady came up, she must of seen I was leaving and said "just wanted to say thank you they were lovely" with a smile on her face. This brought a lump to my throat and is even now. Now I meet thousands of people doing show, thousands of people taste my free samples, many are nice and polite and as my wife experienced many a rude. But this homeless lady was one of the most polite people I have ever met and just the fact she came back over and said thanks really humbled me. It's amazing that all because of calorie counting something like this could have such an impact on my day. 

Normally having to pack up early and lose money on a day like that would put me in a right strop but it didn't. Instead I had a nice drive home and spent time with my family.  

Again I've not wrote that for praise etc in fact the lady should be praised for having impeccable manners. Its just another part of this journey we are on. 

I hope this part doesn't get me in trouble but I seemed to have developed an obsession with pinching a teaspoon from hotel rooms..Not very rock and roll but if I walk past you with my ruck sack and it's jangling away, it's just the tea spoons..