yin yang

I missed a weeks writing, so this is a catch up of the previous two weeks. We had a weekend off so I decided to take a week off writing this. 

Its been a good couple of weeks. The weekend that we had off involved going out on the Friday night with people that I go to the gym with. We just went in a few pubs, it was a great night spent with some very good friends. I have to say I am very lucky, I have made some wonderful like minded friends in the gyms that I go to. One of the highlights of the night was when a band started playing in the pub we were in, people were saying there is a Hare playing the Harp! I turned round and there was a Hare playing the Harp!! Very random. 

We spent the Saturday doing just normal stuff like shopping etc, we were both walking round Kings Lynn and both said it was so nice to just be normal for a weekend, just browsing the shops and having a coffee. Its one of the downsides to doing shows nearly every weekend, but on that Saturday it made us appreciate just strolling round the shops. On the Saturday evening we went out for a meal in the restaurant that middle child works at, it was great to see her in action. Makes you realise how grown up she is, also reminds you that they can smile and communicate instead of the grunting etc at home.  Talking of daughters, my youngest daughter has complained that I have never mentioned her on here. As I explained to her I had only mentioned Chloe and Leah in a negative light, she still complained so Jodie this is for you...Jodie is at the delightful age 13/14 where they are transitioning from nice polite girl to I guess what can only be described as a grown up grumpy chimp...who spends hours and hours doing their hair and make up and very little else.....who watch endless amounts of garbage on the TV...Hi Jodie, you got your mention...Love Dad..

On the Sunday we went to a friends family do thingy on the Sunday, that was great fun too, it involved lots of cake, lots of cider and lots of friends sitting round chatting and laughing. Happy Days! 

Now all of the above probably sounds mundane and boring and what people do all the time but for us its the exact opposite. It was so nice to socialise with good people and do just normal things. It makes you question whether you have the balance right and what is actually important to you.

Come the Monday I was mentally refreshed and raring to go regarding work, and thats what we did. We spent the week getting things sorted up at the new premises.  I had a nightmare with filling the screw holes in the plasterboard. There were hundreds of them,  I didn't realise that i was supposed to scrape most of the filler off, instead I left mounds of filler on which i then had to spend ages trying to sand off. Luckily my Mrs is amazing at painting and decorating so she has made the place look brilliant. So if and when you come to visit the new premises and think it looks great, it is 100% down to her!  

We had a couple of small shows at the weekend, a vintage fete near Ely Saturday and then an Open day near Stanstead Sunday. On the Saturday we did this one together, it was a good job we did as I realised half way there I had forgotten my wallet. My wife took great delight in allowing me pocket money...she did offer to buy me a beer at 10:30 am which I gladly accepted, while she served customers I was having a great time. Even saw a rather large looking Elvis turn up in a Pink Cadilac...Come 5pm I'd had a few pints and we (I use that term loosly) had sold lots, I felt like that luckiest man alive. 

Sunday I went off to Stanstead on my own...what can I say what a contrast...everyone was very pleasant, even the man who declined my offer of a sample as he was driving, whilst supping a pint of Guinness, I then watched him for most of the day, I lost count after 4 or 5 pints.  Lets just say it wasn't my best show, wasn't my worst, that honour still goes to Birmingham.

All in all a good couple of weeks and now we are getting ready for some bug shows and some new products and hopefully the new premises will be completed very soon.

So thats the yin yang of shows....some you win and some you lose..