Daughters Logic

These weeks are simply flying by. It only just dawned on me that it's Tuesday and I hadn't wrote my blog.

We had no shows last week so we spent the time getting prepared for the next few weeks which are quite intense, especially with Easter coming. 

On the Monday I took my wife and eldest daughter out for a cooked breakfast, I love these moments, it gives us a little bit of time to relax and just talk. My daughter came out with a classic, we were discussing the new fines for using your phone whilst driving. It's done me good as I have been guilty of this but recently I have hid my phone so I can't see it . I asked my daughter if she used hers whilst driving. This was her response, no I make sure no one taller than me is around while it's on my lap! I nearly choked on my toast, so her logic is it's OK unless someone taller than her who can see in the car is around. If anyone could possibly explain that to me I would be very grateful.

We were slowly getting the results in for the chocolate vodka tasting and nearly everyone went for A. Except me, I preferred B. Now the old me would of ignored everyone else and gone with my preference but as I'm this new version of myself I went with A. It must be my age as I appear to be changing.... 

Thursday was a tough day because daughter number 2, aka middle child had a school trip to Florence, Italy. It involved me setting my alarm for 1.15am to drive her to Kings Lynn for the bus to depart at 2.15am...who on earth decided that would be a good idea!! Thursday turned into a very long day. The things we do for our kids.

 The weekend saw our launch of the Chocolate Vodka. We decided to launch it with another Facebook competition. Again I asked friends if I should give 12 bottles to one person or 1 bottle to 12 people and I listened (have no idea what's happening to me, I'll be doing the housework next!!) so we are giving 12 people a bottle. I put the post up around 7pm and boom the world has gone crazy again. We literally sat watching the comments come flooding in. At one point my phone app crashed as it couldn't refresh quick enough. I have to say I am extremely grateful for the support and response we receive and I do not take it for granted. On that note, from me and my knobby eldest daughter have a great week. 





My name is Flo and I like sleeping