I can be serious

Well guess who was naughty and didn't write their blog last week...

 It's easy to use the excuse too busy, not enough time etc etc I'm a big believer that if you really want to do something you make the time to do it. So on those grounds I clearly didn't really want to write a blog last week. I know the reason and it was mainly because what I wanted to say was not a funny read, it was quite a serious post for me so I bottled it and didn't post one.  I'll explain...

We have had a couple of great weekends at shows, both Easter weekend and last weekend. Easter weekend I was at a horse show for part of it, some friends came down and helped me on both the Thursday and the Saturday. On the Friday I was on my own just reflecting on where we currently are, (whilst writing this it has only just dawned on me the date, it's exactly 1 year to the day I was in a dark place and was starting this new journey), I realised that this was the happiest I had felt for a very long time. I actually rang my Mrs and said I don't want things to grow, I don't want to chase a dream and try and be big, I want to stay as we are. She was probably rolling her eyes at me and thinking what's he going on about now! We have some exciting plans that are nearly finished which I do want, but what dawned on me was we had very little hassle. My phone was not ringing with numerous problems for me to sort out, or having the awful dread of checking your emails to see what shit was coming your way. I felt like the luckiest man alive at the moment in time.  

One of the challenges for us is to carry on doing what we love doing and not get caught in the trap of wanting to get too big which ends up taking you away from what you love doing. I think if I had to experience groundhog day I would want it to be that Friday so I could feel that inner calm and contentment that I felt that day. 

I went to another show Easter Sunday and in the evening went out with some friends for a curry, I was talking to them about it and everyone round the table had experienced the same problems in business which is caused by growing and getting big so they understand where I was coming from. 

Maybe it's just me getting older, I don't know, but now writing this I'm sure it's largely down to the significance of the date. It's also absolutely nothing to do with money either, I hate dealing with money. I detest greed and the problems that money brings.

Last week was manic being a short week and also having to leave on Thursday for Preston. Bugger me that's a long drive. I didn't realise I was only 20 miles from Blackpool..if I wasn't on my own I could of had a wild night out there, instead of my usual boring early night in a hotel. Oh and guess what knobhead forgot most of their clothes and only noticed when they got there. I found some shops and sorted myself out, see I'm managing to make my own problems for myself..what's that all about! I have to say my wife is not a fan of what I picked for myself..oh well she should of packed for me. 

I didn't post this last week because I didn't want people to think I'm showing off or anything like that, I'm not at all, I think there will be many challenges around the corner for me to deal with, but like I said, on that day I was the happiest I have felt for a very very long time and forgive the pun but I wish I could bottle that feeling!