Gone Fishing.....

Now that was a fun week...

We had a pretty busy week getting ready for some weekend shows. Now back after the Shooting Show in February I had the brainwave that because lots men at the show purchased our bottles to take home after the show as a 'guilty' gift, here darling I have bought you some Toffee Vodka, whilst hiding the hundreds of pounds worth of toys and gadgets they have treated themselves, I would look for similar shows. The funny thing about the guilty gift is I have also done shows that are mainly women and they also do the same. This makes me very wary if my Mrs has been out shopping and bought me a pair of socks...

Anyway, i found a very large fishing show for this last weekend. I thought I would apply the same logic as the shooting show. When I contacted them I was pleased I managed to acquire a stand, upon checking I was the only non fishing stand. This could go horribly wrong or be amazing. I managed to convince my friend who has a fudge stand to also play show roulette with me and he also booked a stand. 

It was a two day show but as it was so far away I went down on the Friday and set up. I got a lot of strange looks from the other stall holders whilst I was wheeling my bottles in. I set up and went to chill in the hotel.

The following morning I was ready to go, it was the first show we had our new Chocolate Vodka at. I was very interested to see how it went, we had alot of good feedback from family and friends who all helped us decide which formulation to go with, but even so there is nothing quite like sampling a new untested product with the great British public.

The show opened at 8.30am and at 8.45 I had my first person come along who was willing to try something. They picked the Chocolate vodka to try, oh well here goes, and guess what...BOOOMM they purchased a bottle just like that. Happy Happy Days. All credit has to go to my wife who developed it herself, something I had tried and failed to do for years...

I ended up having a really good first day, the morning was steady but the afternoon really took off. Lots of guys were coming back to see me to buy something to take home for the Wife. I was feeling pretty good at this point. We were due a good show and days like this make you feel on top of the world. 

I sat in my hotel on the Saturday night eating my Fish and Chips and drinking a can of warm beer a very happy man. 

Sunday started at the show much slower in terms of sales but I thought to myself just be patient, and again similar to the Saturday the afternoon really took off. It was also helped by the fact there was more couples on the Saturday. So for once my gamble paid off and we had a really really good weekend.

What was also funny at the Fishing show was some of the exchanges I had with customers, a couple of them Ill share here..

Me : Hi, would you like to try something??

Man : yes, Ill try the raspberry one,

Me: Ok, which one? I have a Gin based one and a Vodka based one

Man: Mmm, I dont like Gin, Ill try the Gin one.

Me: (In my head..WTF), are you sure? You dont like Gin...

Man; Yes the Gin one

I pour a Gin samples, he shakes his head and mutters he dose not like gin then downs the sample...

Im stood like a right knob waiting for his response and guess what he said...Naah don't like that!

Another exchange that made me laugh was a man with his son, the son was around 20, was looking very closely at the Toffee Vodka. Sometimes I speak straight away and sometimes I hang back a little. I never want to appear pushy. The man was looking for quite a while, seemed like a long time but was probably 45 seconds. The son was looking at his dad for most of this time. I then decided to ask if he would like to try the Toffee Vodka. The man looked up at me and said no, I don't drink vodka. The son looked at me then looked at his dad and said what i and everyone else around him was thinking, "why the hell are you looking at it then??" at this point I couldn't help but laugh, the Dad then replied I don't know and walked off with his son laughing at him.

These little exchanges really do make you laugh, they are much better than the rude obnoxious ones that you have to endure. I prefer to focus on these ones and the hundreds of pleasant nice people that we meet throughout the year.

This should be a busy week as we have Easter ahead of us!