Lots of laughter

 Last week was all about housekeeping, especially the early part of the week. Booking up more shows, which takes a lot of your time not to mention just how much money you have to pay out months and months in advance.  That's the nature of the show seen. 

We had good and bad news, the good was we have been accepted into a very large four week Christmas show. The bad news was we are not at Badminton this year. This is due to them not allowing our type of products in the marque we usually go in. Hey ho, you can't win them all. 

The week went by pretty quickly as Friday I was off with some friends to a fitness fiesta weekend. It was held on a Pontins holiday park, Camber Sands. Off we set armed with lots off gym gear, fancy dress outfit and tons of pot noodles. 

We arrived Friday afternoon, checked in to our chalet, cracked open a beer then decided to do our first session. Hydrojump, which was trampolining in a swimming pool. Guess who forgot their swimming shorts and towel...my friend Paul lent me some swimming trunks and I had to use a hand towel. When we got to the pool we were the only men, there was no way I was taking my shorts off to reveal the little swimming trunks..especially with my two friends ripping it out of me. So I kept my shorts on and off we went. The three of us were at the back of the class, bouncing away, totally out of sync with the rest if the group. We had a great laugh in the water and the instructor didn't acknowledge us once...we enjoyed it though. 

We quickly got dressed etc then went off to the pub for a quick pint.. fast forward several hours and we were still there. Several hours later we were in the nightclub having a right laugh.  

Saturday morning I had my first class at 9.45 so wasn't too bad, it got rid of the fuzzy head and set us up for the day. Felt a little tired after lunch so we decided to have a quick beer before the next class. Seemed a good idea at the time...wasn't such a good idea during the next class but got through it. 

The Saturday night was fancy dress and the theme was song titles. We chose to go as the 118 runners, Keep on Running being the song. We got dressed up and then we were off. Running to the pub, running in the pub and in the club. At one point a group of ladies dressed as nuns asked us to join them, that was quite surreal. We politely declined as the ladies in our group were due to arrive. We had a great night with lots of laughter and finally crashed in bed near 2am. That was two nights on the trot out partying plus lots of exercise..not done anything like that for years..got home mid afternoon Sunday to be treated to a delicious roast dinner cooked by my wife and then crashed infront of the telly. Back to work this week, being a builder plus a new farmers market. 



Say no more.. 




Seagull trying to get in