And we're off!

What a week last week was, we started the week processing lots of Mothers Day hamper orders. We set last Sunday as the last day to order and it seems people like to leave things to the last minute. I know I do!

This weekend saw the first weekend of the year where we had three shows. Two of which were three day ones. We had to wait for our bottles to be delivered on Wednesday so we prepared everything ready to start as soon as they arrived. Luckily for is they arrived at midday, great stuff, this would take the pressure off Thursday. I unloaded the pallet and then noticed the box of corks was missing. Pants. This was not good, I called the supplier who fobbed me off that they would be coming seperatly. I knew they were making it up and this was confirmed when they called back to say they forgot to put them on the pallet and they were in a warehouse in Sudbury. A quick check of google maps told me it was a 3hr round trip, great, so much for getting ahead. So off I set...

90 minutes later I arrived at the warehouse to meet a high vis wearing smirking beep beep beep. He simply gave me the box, told me I had had a long drive and sent me on my way..that's customer service for you. 

So instead of being ahead we started around 4pm and worked as late as we could.  

We had a good day Thursday finishing off the bottling and then spent the afternoon sorting everyone's stock and show things up.  

I had a very early start (3.30) on the Friday so I could get up to Harrogate for 7 to set the stand up before the show started at 9. I had a great journey up, arrived at the Yorkshire Showground 7.15 to be met with locked gates. I waited a few minutes then called the mobile number they gave us, the man on the other end informed me they don't open the gates until 8! What the hell, I could of had another hours sleep. I finally got set up and then proceeded to stuff my face with all the snacks I took with me. When you are at a quiet show it's hard not to just keep eating. The show was quite quiet but was made easier by the lovely couple next to me. They did make me laugh, Paul said to me at one point, How did you manage to get ice in here? I was confused by this, so he repeated it, I said I bought it at Sainsbury's, it didn't dawn on him you can buy ice! I ribbed him all weekend over that one.

I had one memorable non customer, a lady asked to try our Toffee Vodka, I poured her some and watched her drink it, she was making all the right noises then told me how much she loved it, she then said these words "I can't buy it because I will drink it". We then had a tumbleweed moment because I had no idea what to say... 

Overall we had a good weekend and was nice to enjoy some sunshine. A big thank you to Chloe and Sam for doing their first show and bossing it!

Here's looking forward to the week ahead. 



Flo checking stock