The Sun is shining

We had our first bit of sunshine last week and doesn't it make you feel great! Don't get me wrong I enjoy winter as I don't really feel the cold but lighter evenings are so much better.

I was being a builder for most of the week, I had a carpenter coming on Friday to put the floor down so my job was to drill and bolt large bits of wood to the floor beams to strengthen them. This meant I had to use a power tool, or what is more commonly known as 'a drill'. I don't have a very good history of power tools, or in fact any form of DIY. From the time I managed to get a size 11 foot into a pot of gloss paint, not notice and then walk throughout the house, to the time I had to put a loo roll holder on the wall and put my drill down onto the newly laid carpet, not realising how hot the bit gets and burnt a hole in the carpet. However I managed to drill all the holes and bolt the beams together. The only minor drama was ripping the crutch of my jeans on a rogue nail and having to endure a breezy day down there.  

I had a good day working with Nick the carpenter, he is very good and very patient. I even had a go with his nail gun! If this all goes wrong I asked him if I could be his apprentice, he didn't need to answer as his face said it all. Oh well, best make this work...

 We had a new farmers market to try on Saturday, both the wife and I decided to do it so we know the set up etc for future markets. This meant us both getting up at 5am, this is fine for me as I get up at 5 every day, my wife bless her is not a morning person. I did the smart thing and kept out her way whilst getting ready. We arrived at 7.30 as instructed to, it looked OK, a few stalls already set up. I found the man in high vis who told us where to set up our gazebo, again we managed to set it up without any dramas or cry's of divorce. Right opposite was a little cafe, serving breakfast, result we could sit by the window having a cooked breakfast and watch the stall, and that's what we did. The market was only on from 9am to 1pm but my word did the morning drag, our positivity and optimism was soon gone. Instead our morning was spent trying to say hello to people who look petrified when we spoke to them or we were trying to not make eye contact and ignoring some very odd people. Now I'm not what you would consider normal but blimey the people who were out were very strange. To prove my point this is a conversation I had, 

Me: Hello, would you like to try something?

Lady: No thank you, I used to be a teacher.. 

Me: oh, OK ....that must of been a tough job

Lady: it was in London, I could tell you some stories!

Me: Oh..ok..(I only said hello!)

Lady: In my first year of teaching a first year child was murdered and buried in the churchyard.

Me: (no idea what to say or what is currently happening..I only said hello)

Lady: In my final year of teaching the school secretary was decapitated!

Me: Speechless (help...get me out of here)

So you see when doing shows you do meet all sorts of people, after that brief but memorable exchange I decided to stop saying hello to anyone for the rest of the show. We packed up at 1pm and got out of there. Not before I bought the Mrs some flowers from the stall next door. He did me a traders deal, 3 bunches of daffodils for £1..bargain, and she loved them, in fact she was speechless.

We had a full house for the weekend as two of my daughters had their boyfriends staying over. I heard a commotion in the kitchen which turned out was my wife had tricked George into trying a dog treat which we bought from the show, turned out it contained pigs heart and liver. I thought it was the dads who were supposed to wind the boyfriends up!