Bob the builder

I had a physically hard week last week. I have a new level of respect for tradesmen. We have a very exciting project on the go for the business which requires some building work.

We had a structural engineer tell us we needed to strengthen the floor which involved a large concrete slab and additional wooden beams. This meant that Wednesday and Thursday I had to spend the day ripping up floors armed with only a crowbar and a sledgehammer..I consider myself reasonably fit but my word doing that type of work all day killed my hands wrists and forearms. Not to mention the endless cuts and scrapes I have on both hands. My delicate baby soft hands are no more...I even managed to hit my left hand with the hammer, missing the crowbar by miles.. That still hurts now.

On Thursday we had Storm Doris hit, my word was that windy. I was busy hitting stuff and breaking things up when I spoke to the Mrs around lunchtime. Whilst on the phone she shouted the car porch had just blown off. In my new tradesman state of mind I rushed home with the intention of sorting it out. When I got home the wind was blowing the semi attached roof all over the place. I had left my electric drill screwdriver thingy at the site so armed with a handful of screws and a screwdriver I climbed up the ladder onto the garage roof to screw batons of wood over the flapping roof to hold it down. Inwardly I was pooping myself, but I was determined to be the man and fix this. I was battling the elements, cursing myself for not having my drill things. I didn't realise at this point my wife was screaming at me to get down...

Then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind ripped more of the roof off and lifted me up..that was enough for me I tried scrambling off the roof back to the garage and the ladder to get down. When I got there the ladder had blown over. It was at this point I noticed my wife, I couldn't hear her but my amateur lip reading skills told me she was calling me an effing idiot get the hell down.. So not only did I fail in securing the roof, fail in being this new manly man who fixes things I was now an effing idiot.  

After getting down, we stood in the kitchen and watched the roof blow away like a scene from the beginning of the wizard of oz.  

I did redeem myself slightly by picking my youngest daughter up from school rather than her travel on the bus. So I was kind of a hero in the end. 

Friday and Saturday was spent working at the site with professionals who knew what they were doing. I enjoyed that, I passed things and held things and stuff like that. A big thank you to Nick, Paul and Adam, a pleasure to work with and they made super progress. 

Talking of scary moments, anyone ever taught their child to drive? I'm writing this whilst sat in the back of the car whilst my wife is teaching daughter number 2 how to drive. If this happens to be the last blog I ever write, thank you for reading.