Half term

This is the first time I have paused to write this without any idea what I'm about to write. As last week was half term it seemed like work stopped for a week. Not sure if that's how other people feel who work from home and have kids. I used to have romantic thoughts of my daughters getting stuck in and helping make our products with us whenever they have a spare minute. Especially when mum and dad make cool things like Toffee Vodka. Sadly the reality is much different. It's very cool when they can say two minutes before going out to a party, Dad do you have any alcohol? What am I supposed to say to that.... You also have to spend part of your day regardless of what you have on being a parent taxi, a payday loan company and chef, I'm sure my wife could write a much longer list. Hey ho, the joys of parenting, especially with three teenage girls.

I did have a small show on Wednesday at Warwick University, it's a monthly market  and this was the third time I had done it. The first time was at Christmas which was amazing, the second was OK but bloody freezing, the weather forecast for this was much warmer so I was looking forward to it. I got there nice and early with no dramas such as nearly wetting myself or having to find a petrol station at 5am so all good. I got set up and then the first trader I spoke to said its reading week..waste of time....great! He went on to explain how no one will be there, I can't stand negative people so I did what I do well which is to blank him until he walked off and found someone else to whinge and whine to who would actually listen and join in with him. I on the other hand was enjoying being able to feel my toes and not having to wear long johns. I am very easily pleased. My positivity paid off because a lad walked past with his mum, his mum was straight in there sampling and then purchased! Happy Days. I thought that's one up for positivity! 

What amazed me at the university is just how many students turned down a free sample of booze. When I was a student I would of been straight in there, but they are clearly more disciplined them I was and currently still am. 

I started to notice lots of parents walking round with their teenagers. I asked what was happening and they said it was open day. Result. Lots of parents which was great for me. So had a pretty good day.

We had another show on Saturday which the Mrs was doing. As she needs to wash and straighten her hair and apply her war paint there is no way she could travel down in the morning and set up so I booked her into a hotel the night before. Booking .com is great, unless your an idiot like me and get the dates wrong and book and pay for a hotel for next Friday thinking your getting a great deal when actually it's the wrong date and you can't get a refund.. 

I eventually booked the correct date and off she went. The pressure was on her as we had two nights to pay for now. She did great and had a fantastic day, apart from the cold, she didn't appreciate me saying it was warm compared to how I've had it. Happy days.  

Here's to a good week ahead! 



Puppies at 4am