A New Year

This is my first blog of 2017, firstly a short reflection on 2016 is in order. We started Fen Spirits in May, I remember how nervous I was attending the first show, this had to work for us, the first day was ok but after a few tweaks we had a great day on the Sunday. My wife bless her, was at a local show which was awful....We still made the decision for her to give up her full time job and come with me full time as of July, some say brave, some say foolish but I wanted her by my side, sounds a corny cliche but we are stronger and better equipped together.

We then got into a groove through the end of August and into September and things were looking positive, for our future plans. 

An important milestone was the granting of our premises licence which enabled us to sell product online and launch a website instead of just a Facebook page. 

My eldest daughter is claiming the credit for what happened next with the Facebook competition, Ill let her take the credit, its a small start to paying me back for the last 20 years..

It was crazy how things went through November both online with the competition and the Christmas shows which brings us to 2017...

We have some big exciting plans for this year, I will announce them as they happen, rather than in advance.

This last week has been a very odd one, after the excitement of pre-Christmas its been very hard to get going properly again. Its easy when you are simply making and getting out there and selling, this is much less enjoyable and more difficult. 

We are planning our shows for the year, getting them booked which is a lot of form filling, something I do not enjoy. Planning some building work on a new premises to produce from so looking for a Carpenter at the minute..

To assist with getting my arse in gear I decided to sort out another Facebook competition and launched it on Saturday afternoon. I would like to say this was carefully planned timing based on the analytics of the previous one but it wasn't, it was simply when I got round to taking a photograph and publishing it..then..BOOOM the worlds gone mental.

As it stands we have nearly 10,000 shares, over a million views and gained nearly 5,000 page likes. Mental....in a good way but mental.

We also went to a very good friends daughter's wedding reception last week, I made them some Wedding Favours which judging by the amount of people that cam up to me in the evening to say how great they were seemed a success. In my wisdom and due to the fact I had the camera out I took some pictures on miniatures and put a new page on the website called Wedding Favours and off the back of the social media stuff going on we now have several orders for Wedding Favours! It seems the simpler I keep things the more successful they become, I shall remind myself of that on a regular basis, especially when I get too big for my boots and decide to try to be clever.  Might even get myself a T-Shirt made with that on it.

On a totally separate note I thoroughly enjoy working out at the Gym and also running. I have an off road marathon planned for the end of February which I tried to back out off but both my wife and my gym buddy have told me to get on with it..so with their kick up my backside I went out yesterday and did a 13 mile run, so all is good and I'm back on track. 

Probably need to sign off now as its time for my protein smoothie which even the dogs don't bother begging for! have a great week and hopefully we can make some progress.

They are not impressed

They are not impressed