Firstly my god it's bloody freezing at the moment, not sure if I'm getting soft in my old age, but I never used to feel the cold. Certainly not like this last week.

We had a busy week booking shows and generally planning the next couple of months. Even though it's almost impossible to predict what's going to happen from week to week I always feel better with a plan. Even though it usually changes every five minutes. 

This is a funny time of the year, where usually nothing really happens but surprisingly we had a really productive week. Our internet sales continue to grow and it's connected to our facebook activity. At this point I have to stop myself, reading that back I sound like a right knob pretending to know what I'm doing. I don't. What I have tried to do is simply share snippets on facebook of what we get up to. Not all the time and not everything because I wouldn't want to flood people's news feed. Just things that I think are interesting. Last week for example we painted the logo on the bar, I uploaded a picture of Mrs W painting it. I thought it was a cool picture and it looked like she was painting it by hand. In actual fact she was trying to correct the cock up I made by painting it in the first place and I had a stencil to use..painting and infact DIY are not my in my skill set. Like the time I somehow managed to get my size 11 foot in a pot of gloss and then proceed to walk down the stairs. I couldn't understand at first why I was getting screamed at..that was years ago and I'm used to it now. 

We also had a play with some Ghost Chilli's, as we have been invited to a chilli festival and I was told people like the product extremely hot. I am dreading having to taste test this one, thankfully a couple of people through facebook are willing participants in tasting for me. As is my friend and gym coach, should be payback for some tough workouts. 

I can't forget  that on Saturday I did my first show/market of the year. A one day market stall on Solihull high Street, when I booked it I thought it was a good idea, at 4.30 am Saturday morning when I was trying to defrost the van at minus 2 I was regretting it. When I got there and set up and bloody freezing my arse off I was still regretting it. However I had a few customers come and see me who had seen me before Christmas and that was a great feeling. Didn't defrost my feet but certainly cheered me up. I also set myself a target which I would be happy with and I exceeded that so all was very pleased with the first event. Hopefully that's started this year off and we can maintain this momentum.

Have a good week, in puppyville, all is good, Ralf and Flo are like partners in crime, raiding bin bags, digging holes and generally play fighting all of the time. 

Butter wouldn't melt

Butter wouldn't melt