Fully Recharged

I feel like last week was my first proper week back at work, it seems I've shaken the fogginess of post Christmas off and now back on it.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable Tuesday evening meeting with someone who is in the drinks industry and has done incredibly well. I've had the pleasure of seeing his operation, meeting his wife and seeing how far he has come in a relatively short space of time. As I've said to him I find it very inspirational. I was also quite touched when he said he had read my blog. We had a good evening just discussing the previous year, and laughing at the horror of bad shows. 

The rest of the week consisted of booking shows for the year, was a scary experience when I started planning Christmas! I have my first show this week, on a market stall in Solihull..think the thermals will be in order.  

Amazingly we have managed to book quite a few shows for February, some of which have been given the traders curse ' you want to do that one, it's a good one' we will see as we continue to play show roulette!! 

During the mayhem of the Christmas shows I booked a weekend away leaving last Friday, I wanted a log cabin in the woods, I managed to book one in a forest less than an hour from home. It had a hot tub, wood burner and you could take your dogs. Sounded perfect.  

I usually have these ideas, plan them and then get the girls all geed up as I big the idea up far too much and then usually disappoint. Like the time I took them to the forest to get a Christmas tree, told them that husky dogs pull you into the forest, you choose your tree, cut it down and then the dogs pull the tree back. In reality what happened was we walked round a muddy field, chose a tree that was already wrapped in netting and a big black dog pulled a trolley with your tree on which kept slipping off back to your car. To which we found the tree was too big to go in the car and had to be forced in with the kids sat virtually in it. The highlight was the screaming and crying on the way home as endless amounts of spiders and bugs decided to escape the tree onto the girls whilst I'm driving..wasn't one of my best moments.

So needless to say the girls were not overly excited to spend a weekend in a forest with no phone signal with mum and dad and a pack of cards. 

However..I only went and bloody exceeded expectations, not that expectations were very high, the weekend was fantastic. The log cabin was beautiful, lovely and warm with everything in it you could ask for. We had a great weekend, watching movies, walking the dogs through the woods and relaxing in the hot tub. Ralf (Choc Lab) was desperate to jump in but luckily we stopped him just in time.  

So now we're fully recharged and raring to go, so 2017 bring it on..