Train Keeps on Running

 It's 4.25 Monday morning, I'm sat here with the dogs sleeping by my side, enjoying a very large coffee. I can't sleep...

In the past I've been up during the night worrying about things, but this time this is different. I'm sat here reflecting on the last two weeks thinking wow how on earth did that happen. I feel like I've won the golden ticket. 

The last two weeks are in my experience the busiest two weeks of the year for Christmas shows, we had many events booked in, from very large ones through to small market stalls in town centre.  The previous week saw me work 5 days at Waddesdon Manor. On the Saturday I brought in reinforcements to help on the stand, my Dad. Now anyone who has seen us together will understand this could go horribly wrong. But actually it was a great day, he was a good help, was serving customers and handing out samples. We only had two occasions where by he was kicked off the stand but we had a good laugh about it afterwards.  

I left Waddesdon on the Sunday evening and drove into Wales ready for the show to start at 8am Monday morning. I set the stand up early and got some coffee in me and people were coming in straight away, tasting and buying. This literally carried on right through until 8pm. I had help the following day, a friend brought more stock and stayed with me.  

I told him to just watch at first and then do the same, after 5 minutes he was a natural. This left me redundant so did what I do best which is aimlessly wander round chatting to stallholders. 

We had a quick pack up, a couple of beers and a lovely Indian then it was sleep time because in my wisdom I had booked a small show in Warwick University on the Wednesday as it was on the way back. Getting up 5am in the middle of Wales when it's minus 2 and knowing I had a 3he drive ahead of me was no fun. It all seemed a good idea when planning a few months ago.

Warwick turned out to be a good day, albeit I felt very old..most people were 18, younger than my eldest. 

That brings us to now, home making this week ready for more weekend shows.  

Facebook is still going mental, I've decided to make a second hamper and will chose two winners, in a small way to show my appreciation for what's happened. 

I also need to mention my wife, who has been a real trooper, holding it together at home, making bottling and labelling whilst I'm away and doing shows herself...women really can multitask

Off to the gym soon , first one in a couple of weeks..this is going to hurt! 

Puppy's are doing great.