Man Flu

 Yes you can guess by the title I have picked up man flu, and it's really really bad. As I live in a house with four women I get very little sympathy, in fact zero sympathy, hopefully someone out there feels my pain. For that person I say thanks much appreciated, for all the ladies who tell me to man up and get on with it, you have absolutely no idea what I'm going through.

We had our final shows of the year this weekend, a friend of mine Mark kindly did a two day show for me Friday and Saturday which meant I had Saturday off and Mrs W had Sunday off.

It was a very strange feeling being at home working whilst other people were out selling my product for me, first time I have experienced that. It's something I will have to get used to if we want to expand in 2017.  

I then had my final show on Sunday at Leamington Spa, it was fifth Sunday in a row we had been there and to date they had all been very good. This Sunday was no exception apart from I developed the dreaded man flu.  

I had a very odd unpleasant experience Sunday, a man and his wife came up to the stand in the morning and tried the toffee. He asked lots of questions, more than the  usual but all was fine and said they would be back later. I thought no more of it. 

Late in the day they came back, I'm pretty good with faces so said hi, thanks for coming back and would they like to try some more. The lady walked away but he said yes, but doesn't mean I'm buying, anyone who has met me at a show will know I don't do pushing selling, so just said that's fine with me. He then proceeded to taste it whilst insulting me because my left arm shakes. When I didn't rise to it he carried on, after being ignored he said I'm a whisky man anyway and stormed off. It was a really odd experience,I couldn't get my head round why? Why bother even coming back over? Why then try to insult me? All very odd I have to say. 

I thought I would mention it on here but I can't let one arsehole take away from the fact we have met hundreds and hundreds of really nice pleasant people. Some of whom have had us in fits of laughter, like the lady who read Toffee Vodka as Coffee and when Mark pointed it out she asked what the difference is? Or the countless people who we say good morning to and they reply with No thanks!  

We have our works Christmas party tonight, which is just three of us, I shall take a picture and use it to see how we have grown come next year.

For whoever is reading this , firstly thank you for taking the time to and secondly have a wonderful Christmas x

Nearly forgot, puppies are doing great and are looking forward to lots of festive fun