It's a mad world

Firstly Hi to anyone who is new to this site and blog. 

What a weekend it's been. On Saturday I was stood freezing cold and wet on a market stall in the middle of Solihull. This was my second Saturday in Solihull, the previous week had been a really good day, friendly customers who purchased right from the off. 

This week was totally different, I couldn't even give a sample of Toffee Vodka away..At midday I had made only two sales, was freezing cold and generally a grumpy old man. I have been doing shows and markets for 4 years and managing your mind during quite spells is the most difficult part. No one wants to approach a grumpy old git let alone purchase from him.  

Then at midday something happened, I would like to say I sorted myself out and turned things around but it was not down to me whatsoever. People simply started coming to my stand and trying things and buying. This totally transforms your mood, I was no longer cold and I had my mojo back. From then until the end of show I had a great day, driving home with a smile, and an even bigger smile when I got home and my eldest girl had bought pizza.  

On Sunday I put together a special hamper with and bottle of Bubbly and 6 of our bottles to do a giveaway. The aim was very simply to raise some awareness of our company and what we do. 

I put a post up and a picture asking people to like the page and share the post then ......boom, ping ping ping it's 24 hours later and it's still going ping ping ping.  

At certain points we were jumping round the house, when we got to 199 we kept refreshing to see if we would get to 200. We are currently nearly at 1000... There have been some lovely comments on how nice the hamper looks etc, people have even been messaging to see if they could buy one. My aim was not to sell these hampers but we are very flexible and if anyone would like a hamper putting together just send us a message and we can price it up on what you would like included. 

We have some big Christmas shows this week which I'll touch on next week.  

On the puppy front, Flo is doing great and settling in nicely, this is a picture taken at 4am this morning as I couldn't sleep due to the facebook ping ping ping and Ralf and Flo were bored of me. 


Ralf and Flo having a cuddle

Ralf and Flo having a cuddle