First Blog

I've never written a blog before so I spent a little time reading how to posts and what you should and should not do and say to gain followers etc After reading what felt like the 100th guide to blogging (slight exaggeration) and finding them all different and not really about us I decided to scrap that idea and just write my ramblings, thoughts and what we have been up to.

October has been a relatively quiet month for shows, usually the calm before the Christmas Shows start in November. We have made some great progress, our website is now live and after a few teething problems the online shop is working well. We have been granted our premises licence which has allowed us to sell over the internet. That was quite a saga, which involved a Monday evening at our local parish council meeting to explain to them what I wanted a premises licence fairness to them they listened and did not raise any objections and it all went through smoothly.

We sell lots of product direct at shows all over the country but when I received the first email saying we had received an online order I was jumping round the room (quiet literally as at a gym class at the time). It was a very proud moment for me. 

The website still needs work, I am learning how to take better pictures etc but that will develop with time. 

We have our first Christmas show this weekend in Stratford starting Friday. I'll set up the stand and throw the Christmas decorations on that we bought ready for Mrs W to arrive on the Saturday and rearrange them. 

Not worked out how to add pictures to the blog but when I do I'll show some of our show set ups. 

Right , tea break over, back to work!