This train ride we are on just seems to keep going... From doing a show at the weekend, straight into making then back out the following weekend and repeat.. I think the last month or so I have lost some of my sparkle, I had got the balance wrong. Hence why I struggled to even write this and I thoroughly enjoy  writing about the crazy show world we operate in. 

I have however had two particular customers that really touched me over the last two weekends and have inspired me to write this and also get some balance back our life's. Before I come to these people I'll explain  what we have been up to.  

The bank holiday weekend I was at Carfest, this was a big weekend for me as I managed to get some good friends tickets so they could come down for the weekend and enjoy the festival and see what I get up to whilst away. It turned out to be an amazing weekend, I am a worrier so was worried if they would enjoy it, could they handle the camping etc I shouldnt have worried it was great fun. They even cooked me bacon wraps and brought them to the stand.. That might not sound much but was pure luxury compared to what I'm used to!!  Eventually on the Saturday I was removed from the stand and they all had a go selling... That wasn't why they were there, they were supposed to be off enjoying the festival but they were loving the buzz of selling and dealing with the customers. It made me realise that I had lost some of the enthusiasm needed behind a stand, watching them full of beans . As I was redundant and the weather was beautiful I ended up lying on the grass listening to music drinking cold beer watching my friends sell my product and having a great time.. Life doesn't get any better than that..  

It was a some point during the Saturday a particular lady came up to the stand. Now I'm usually good with faces so I recognised her from the previous year. She said she had been here the year before and bought from the man on the stand. I said that was me and joked I was a year older which is why she didn't recognise me.. She replied you look younger.. She then went on to say I looked awful last year and seemed in a dark place.. This instantly hit  nerve with me, she went on to say she had followed our journey and was so proud of what we were doing... She then lent over the stand gave me a hug and a kiss and off she went. Wow, I had to walk off the stand, luckily I had my big sunglasses on so no one could see the tears in my eyes, now I wasn't in the worst place of my life but I think it made me realise how much you can change your life in a year. How lucky we have been. Even writing about it brings it back. I stood for a few minutes looking over the festival fields just reflecting and felt alot of my spark come back. I'm sorry as I don't know the ladies name but thank you and I hope I see you at Carfest next year. All my friends enjoyed the weekend and are down for coming next year.  

This weekend I was at Chatsworth, on my own this time. It was a good weekend, stunning scenery and I loved watching the hot air balloons going up. Met some very nice people, some strange people and some rude people. I was lucky that some good friends on the show scene live nearby and kindly put me up for the weekend.

Now if you have ever met me at show you will of noticed that my left arm shakes.. This can make pouring samples fun.. 99% of people are too polite to mention it however you get the odd smart arse who likes to try and make fun when surrounded by their friends. Most of the time I just ignore it but sometimes when I'm tired or a bit down it makes me angry. On the last day of Chatsworth I was cold tired and grumpy.. A wonderful combination! It seemed that every arse was coming to my stand just for a free sample and/or to comment on my shaky arm. Then I was quiet for a patch and a young girl in her 20's came up. Politely asked for a sample and just said oh you shake too? I was confused, I thought here we go again.. But no she then said I shake the same. This instantly got my attention, so while sampling we got talking. She was telling that two years ago she had a stroke whilst heavily pregnant with her baby. Just as she was recovering she had another stroke so had to have the baby by c-section. Fortunately the baby was fine and the lady made a pretty good recovery apart from her shakes. We ended up taking for quite a while, this again for some reason really touched me and I wanted to give her a hug.. I didn't because my kids tell me my hugs are not very good and I didn't want to kill the moment. Again I wish I knew her name, but whoever you are thank you, I wish you well and hopefully see you next year!! 

So usually I write about the funny or daft things that happen but not this week. It's amazing how something  very small can send your mind into a down ward spiral regardless of how good things are and at the same time how two random chance meeting can touch you and bring you out of it...  

 Have a good week x



Time to Detox

For anyone that likes reading these I apologise for not writing one for a while. Being busy is not an excuse because I find you do the things you want to do however busy you are. So I guess on that logic I didn't want to write so I didn't. 

This then becomes the norm and then before you know it you have stopped doing something and never go back to it. I've broken that pattern and given myself a kick up the arse and sat down to write/type this.  

We have been doing lots of shows which I will come onto shortly and we still have some exciting plans in the pipeline which are taking longer than hoped but we will keep chipping away. 

We been to shows all over the country, at one point I had three shows back to back, starting in Norfolk, over to Wales and then up to Cheshire. I even had to hire a large van for the week, which doubled up as my accommodation.. Usually we stay in a hotel while away but if the Showground has showers on site then I'm quite happy to camp. I decided that the back of the van would need more comfortable than in a tent. I have to say the first few nights were very cosy. But then I kept getting cramp in my hamstrings when trying to get up off the mattress. This progressed to the point of cramp in both legs in the middle of the night when getting up for a wee.. I was stuck for a moment lying on my back, both legs locked rigid thinking how do I move before I wet myself.. So I ended up shuffling along until I could open the door and put my legs down.. Luckily I rescued the situation.   One of the benefits/downsides to camping at a show is that usually there are several others doing it so what inevitably happens is someone's offers you a beer in the middle of the afternoon whilst you are serving, so you discreetly have a drink. Now I don't normally drink day to day so being away for 10 days you end up drinking every day, I blame the drinking for the cramp. 

On one of the days in Wales I bought a bottle of tonic so in the afternoon I made a Gin and Tonic using our new Blackberry and Apple Liqueur, my word was that nice, so I had another, then another.. I thought because it's a liqueur is not that strong but come 3 pm im stood on the stand very merry.. Not the best thing to do. It did increase sales though because people kept asking what I was drinking, then they would pinch my drink, try it and then I sold out of Blackberry and Apple. So if you see me at a stand supping away feel free to try it...  The show in Wales finished on the Thursday and I had to be at Carfest on the Friday which started at midday. Now in my wisdom it seemed a good idea to stay in Wales Thursday night and leave early morning to Carfest as it's only 2 hours away. From a traffic point of view it was a great idea... From a health and detox point of view not so good because Fudgie was doing to same. So whilst everyone is struggling with traffic we decide to walk into town and relax over a pint in a pub. This all seems stupid logic now because after four or five pints we are stood in a petrol station buying every conceivable sweet item we could, from muffins to chocolate to cookies around 10pm half cut and I had to leave at 4am...thanks Fudgie. 

The following morning going to Carfest I felt awful, I had gotten Man Flu again, it had been going around our marque so I think the tiredness, poor diet and extra booze I had been having led me to catch it.  

I was meeting my wife at Carfest, the idea was we could sell during the day and then spend some quality time together in the evenings. I even booked and paid for exhibitor camping with hot showers and clean toilets. Now am I the only one who has these good ideas in my head that never live up to what I've built them up to.  So I sold the weekend away together on this romantic dream.. How was I to know the reality was 

I had man flu so full of snot..  

It poured with rain the first day so mud everywhere

An awful double air bed in the back of a van  

The toilets were disgusting and the wife even gagged  

The showers were so small that when the wife bent over to get dressed her bum pressed the shower on soaking her clothes


All of the above is clearly my doing....  


So apart from the above a had a very good few days selling..  

After that week we took a week off to recover, my birthday was in the middle of the week and I did everything that I enjoyed doing, a nice early morning gym session then all my daughters came to the beach with us and the dogs and had a nice walk whilst the dogs played in the sea. This was followed by a pub lunch and a pint.. Life couldn't of been better.  

So now we are back into it properly, I just came back from a show in the lake district, was a good weekend with good people again. Tom Candle (can you guess what he makes and sells??) was sleeping in the marque as security, I walked in and saw his tent had collapsed, couldn't help take a pic and told him I would share it on here. Who said this life wasn't glamorous.. 

Looking forward to see what the next few weeks bring...  





Tom Candles luxury accommodation  


Please sir can  I have more  

Where did that week go

Where on earth are these weeks going... Seems they go by in the blink of an eye.. 

Last week myself and my daughter were at the Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate. The show ran from Tues to Thurs.  

We set of Monday lunch time to set up a day early, after a couple of false starts and having to come back after setting off because I forgot our table cloth we were finally on our way.  

We live 5 minutes from Wisbech and my daughter insisted we stop at Wisbech for lunch... So finally we were on our way.  

The idea behind setting the stand up the day before is there is less pressure and it's calmer than the morning of the show. However the reality at an event the size of the Great Yorkshire Show is absolute carnage. It's full of high vis wearing clipboard yielding little Hitlers bossing you around. Admittedly I didn't realise they were operating a one way system when I got lost and was driving the opposite way trying to find our stand.. After being sent off the Showground and the rejoining the que to get back, checking in with the same guy who previously checked us in 5 minutes earlier and didn't recollect we had already checked in we finally found our pitch and set up. 

 I also found the time to be a hero (slight exaggeration), a lady in her van was having a meltdown about parking it in the mayhem that was going on. She asked me if I would park it because in her words she was crap at driving. I said sure and jumped in,  it was only when I jumped in I realised there were two other ladies laughing at their mate and then staring at me trying to parralell park the van. No pressure then.. I by luck did it which in my head means I can claim hero status. 

We then set off to our accommodation which was a small apartment in a lovely village. We went to the local pub which had an Indian restaurant at the back. Now since we have started making chilli products and peer pressure from friends I have started going hotter with curries. I ordered Chilli Chicken Tikka Masala... My word it was hot. Sitting in a restaurant sweating, nose running and mopping my brow is not my idea of a nice meal, other people tell me they love that.. I just don't get it. Not to mention the after effects of it.. I won't go into details on here.... 

We then had three days selling at the show. The first day it poured with rain. Amazingly people still came out and in hindsight we did ok, during it there is nothing worse than standing with shorts on with soaking wet feet and shivering. Ill never learn, I should just look at the weather forecast before setting off. Im away next week in Wales so I might just do that...

I have to say staying in an apartment was so much better than a hotel, we had our own living room and kitchen. So instead of having to go out in the evening to eat, after a 14 hour day thats the last thing anyone wants to do, instead we dined on some microwave meals from Morrisons and crashed.

We got home late Thursday night and on the Friday I  went to watch the Grand Prix at Silverstone for the weekend. My 40th birthday treat from the wife. We had a great time me and my friend Mark. We drank far too much on the Friday night, danced with a very large hairy man wearing just a one point we turned around and the mankini man was on some very strong mans shoulders...all ill say it was very hot in the tent I hope he washed his shoulders thoroughly...

All in all a great week and now heading into another very busy one..




Its been a while!

Ive missed two weeks writing on here, the main reason for that is I couldnt bring myself to write my ramblings and post them on the internet when all the terrible tragedies were happening around us.

It really does make you think about how lucky you are. 

We have been very busy, there have been some mid week shows such as the Lincolnshire Show and The Royal Norfolk., plus our usual weekend ones.

My wife and daughter have been doing the mid week ones so I can concentrate on making things and its worked out well. They have had some amazing days and now inform me I have been demoted and they are the A Team...will have to see about that. 

I think ive said this before but you can meet 100 people at a show, 99 of them are nice and pleasant and then that 1 person who is rude or obnoxious can dramatically change your day. Irrespective of your days takings. Its a real shame and we have to remind ourselves of the 99 nice ones. It seems that some people at a show are simply there to almost insult you or trying to catch you out..they get off on trying to annoy you..very odd. As a stall holder we spend a lot of money to exhibit so when someone offers you £8 for something you are selling for £12.50 dont be suprised when we get annoyed with you..anyway im not going to focus on the 1 out of 100.

We are still amazed when people come up to us and say they follow us on Facebook, I even had someone say they read my blog! Now that is mad..I did apologie for the content.

I was at a show this weekend in Cheshire. In my wisdom I left home Friday afternoon to drive there. Now living over here we dont have that much traffic, but the M6 on a Friday at 5pm was a nightmare. The last 2 miles to the hotel took me 45 minutes..I could of walked it quicker.

When I arrived at the show Saturday morning to set up I knew as soon as I drove on this was going to be a disaster. We were in a small village on a small village green, it was all set up nicely etc but there were too many exhibitors for too small space. There was simply no way they could get enough people in the venue to make it pay. So it was just about damage limitation. There is nothing worse than starting your weekend knowing at best you might break even..and thats forgetting your time.  

The only saving grace was a couple of good friends from the shows were next to me. Fudgie and Cheesy.  

I say it was a good thing but fudgie was next to me with his snow cone machine and cheesy was directly behind me. I would then have to endure the snow cone machine grinding  away whilst being pelted with small balls of cheese from behind. To be fair none of them hit me, instead they kept landing in my sample bucket which was full of water and now cheese. I kept looking at the sample bucket because it started to go a murky brown colour..thats odd, nothing else for it but to get my hand in there. Guess what I fished out, a very large turd looking peice of brown fudge. Looked bloody awful. I assumed it was fudge...

You do get some characters on the show scene and we met one this weekend. I spoke to someone who works in the wine industry who actually said the words "Im a legend" meaning he was a legend in his field. Now Im not the best person in the world to be hearing this so I shared it with Fudgie and Cheesy. Later on that day Fudgie and Cheesy collared the said legend to ask him about his legend took the guy a few minutes to realise that they were taking the pee..also me trying to take a selfie with legend didnt help and off he ran and didnt come back. Its small moment's like these that make a bad weekend much better. 

On a more positive note my Mrs did a small one day show at Holbeach Saturday and had an unbelievable day, so good I think Im on the verge of being sacked so she might be looking for a replacement soon, watch this space..



Only a croissant!

Now that was a full on week....

We had a few shows at the weekend, one of which started on Thursday which my wife was doing. This meant that she left Wednesday.  So I was wearing many many hats...production manager, marketing manager (dealing with social media), Mum and Dad rolled into one, cook, cleaner, taxi for the girls and dog walker. Sounds exhausting just typing it..who said us men can't multi task??

My word did I boss those couple of days, even though they were long ones I was well chuffed with what I achieved.  

The Mrs was at a show where for some reason everyone was rude, blunt and obnoxious. That does happen every now and then, it makes it hard work but like a trooper she stuck it out and ended up having a good show.  

I finally left for my show Friday evening, it didn't start till Saturday morning so I could chill out at the hotel with a pint and a carvery... 

I was up bright and early Saturday morning as my show was in a city centre and I needed to set up my gazebo etc. I got set up no problem and parked the car. When I got back to the car the gazebo had moved about 6 feet in the wind. Even though it was weighted down. Buggar..not had this issue before. Made me laugh when a fellow trader said I saw your gazebo go..Really? So you stand and watch someones Gazebo move in the wind and do nothing...cheers then! I ended up having to take all the sides off as the wind got worse.  

I was located right next to the chefs stage, the presenter was warming the crowd up telling them about this celebrity chef that's coming etc Now I had heard of this Chef but didn't know a lot about him. 

When he arrived he came up to me to say hello  shook my hand and in a French accent mentioned something about  a picture. I didn't know what he was taking about so he said do you want a picture, now this is how poor I am at social media stuff and grabbing the opportunities I replied "not really". He looked at me oddly, he said again come and have a picture..I begrudgingly went round the front. Now I must point out, this was not me being up my own arse or anything like that, this was me being totally ignorant to the photo opportunities and utilising them on social media etc So Jean on the rare chance you see this I apologise for being a dick.

I spoke with the chef a lot throughout the day and watched him have time for everyone and have to say he was a decent man. He made a lot of middle aged women very happy with all the selfies they kept taking with him. I thinking of having a spray tan and brushing up on my French.... 

Saturday was an ok day, there was no way I could leave my gazebo overnight so I had the fun of packing it all away and taking it with me. 

Sunday morning I had to find a shop that sold ice, I decided to grab  a couple of croissants (a choc one and a maple syrup one!) to have for breakfast when I had set up. 

I've been using an app called myfitnesspal to track my calories, to partly lose some weight but more importantly to ensure I get the right macros for the amount of working out I do etc. So i sat there and plumbed in the details for the two croissants and I glad I did it before I ate them..800 calories!! My word..what a waste of calories.. to put that in perspective yesterday I had some egg on toast with a couple of slices of bacon and that was half the calories. I thought sod this I'll have to bin them. Now what im about to say is not for praise or anything like that, infact Im ashamed that its not someting I have done of and it took a app to prompt this.

As I walked over to the bin I saw two homeless people sleeping rough. I'll be completely honest I thought shall I go over or shall I not. I hesitated and then I thought no I'll go and say hello. It was a man and a lady, I just said Hi, told them I had just bought the food but changed  my mind. I didn't feel the need to explain my calorie counting....they took the croissants and said thanks. Now I just walked away, just pleased I didn't bin them and didn't think any more of it.

I started serving etc but the wind was so bad I had to take the Gazebo down (with help) and stand exposed which is not nice. I then thought this is pointless I'll pack up and go home. Only because I wasn't prepared to be stood in a city centre with just a table full of booze and anyone can walk up behind me etc. 

As I was packing away and loading my car the homeless lady came up, she must of seen I was leaving and said "just wanted to say thank you they were lovely" with a smile on her face. This brought a lump to my throat and is even now. Now I meet thousands of people doing show, thousands of people taste my free samples, many are nice and polite and as my wife experienced many a rude. But this homeless lady was one of the most polite people I have ever met and just the fact she came back over and said thanks really humbled me. It's amazing that all because of calorie counting something like this could have such an impact on my day. 

Normally having to pack up early and lose money on a day like that would put me in a right strop but it didn't. Instead I had a nice drive home and spent time with my family.  

Again I've not wrote that for praise etc in fact the lady should be praised for having impeccable manners. Its just another part of this journey we are on. 

I hope this part doesn't get me in trouble but I seemed to have developed an obsession with pinching a teaspoon from hotel rooms..Not very rock and roll but if I walk past you with my ruck sack and it's jangling away, it's just the tea spoons.. 


Been outgrumped

I can't keep saying that these weeks fly by or that it only seems like yesterday since I wrote last week's but that's what it feels like...

We just get busier and busier..which is a great thing  

Having bank holidays are great for sales and selling but then they cut your production time down by a day so you sell more but have less time to make things before you then have to go out again. 

I was at a three day show Friday, Saturday and Sunday so my production week was actually Tuesday to Thursday. After three very long day we got there.  

I travelled to my show early morning on the Friday, now usually when they put on a 3 day show the Friday is usually very slow, to the point I don't know why they even bother..actually I do know why, they can then charge us more for a 3 day show which just a 2 day one spread over 3 days. This was a new show for me with a new company so I arrived bright and early full of optimism. The show looked quite good, reasonable size etc. I found my stand space and started unloading the car. The stand next to me was one I saw at Highclere last week and had bought a bacon sandwich from. So i stuck my smiling face (in my head it was a happy face) round the corner said hello and asked if it was him at Highclere. The mid fifties guy looked up and his only reply was "Why?" I said excuse me, so he repeated "Why?" I know I can be a grumpy old sod but this man was off the charts...I said I had breakfast from him and wondered if he had a good show. He just shrugged me off. I couldn't help but laugh..I think he has won the title of the most grumpy arse I have ever met. I then tried to speak to someone else in our marque and that didn't work either. I thought wow this is going to be a very hard show. Usually there is a pretty good camaraderie between stall holders, even if you have never seen them before or after but this was totally different for me.

As it was a few of them warmed up over the weekend and were pleasant and some were good fun. I point blankly refused to acknowledge grumpy next door for the rest of the weekend, even when he said morning to me I blanked him. In my head that made us even.

The other issue with our marque was it stank. It was really bad. It was very warm and I had a large olive stand to my left..a cheese stand opposite and a sausage stand to my right who were cooking sausages for tasting right next to me. Next to them was a French cheese stand. So in the hot stuffy conditions it bloody stank. Even had some customers say our tent stink..i couldn't argue with them. It was bad...

As predicted Friday was a complete waste of everyone's time. I also found out the organiser was charging £11 wonder no one was there. Who wants to spend £11 getting in a venue to walk round and the only people you see are more people trying to get money off you for something or other.. 

This all left me in a proper grump so I didn't even bother going out Friday night, instead I sat in my hotel room eating an awful Subway and drinking a cheap bottle of Prosecco. I did drink a bottle of our new Blackberry  and Apple liqueuer with it Party for one... 

The Saturday and Sunday were better days, and overall made the show worth doing but it's somehow managing your mind and your boredom. This is when I usually word can I eat when I'm bored. 

My wife did a one day show on Sunday and our friend went along to help her. I had told our friend Rae just what to expect and what people can be like. Now the majority of people you meet at shows are pleasant. However you do have some very strange and funny experiences..Rae got to see this first hand and they seemed to have a great day. She now understands just how funny it is when someone asks you if Toffee Vodka is alcoholic or what alcohol is in Toffee Vodka....Or how rude someone can be when all you habe said is hello and they compeltely blank you. See Rae I wasn't making it up!!

So back to the making etc ready for what is a very important week which I will hopefully be able to report on next week.


I also hurt my finger if anyone is interested  

Red shorts and noodles

Do you know something, earning a living from doing the shows is like playing roulette. Or even worse it's like a very long drawn out version of heads and tails. This last week was an example of that.

We had a very busy week getting prepared for this weekend's shows as my show started on the Thursday.  

Now in true British fashion we went from cold to boiling hot this week, I was slightly concerned because I was going to be stood inside my gazebo which is black for 3 days... 

My word I got set up early Thursday morning at a horse trial event and found that the sun was pointing directly at me. I spoke to my neighbour as I pulled up to ask him something and he mumbled some couldn't be arsed response. I thought great I'm getting frazzled by the sun and I've got a grumpy buggar next to me for 4 days.. As it turned out Al next door was great company and was a slightly older version of me, we had very similar ethics and morals etc routinely cutting oir noses off to spite our faces. Ill give you an example, the coffee man at the show was the same as at a previous show, I had been and purchased coffee lots of times and everytime I went up to him he spoke to me like he had never seen me before. So I did what I do well and refused to buy anothet coffee despite loving a cup of coffee and desparetley wanting one, even when Al offered me a coffee I refused because I was making a stand. Writing that down even I think I am pathetic but you know what, I would do the same again.

Thursday at the show was so quiet and so hot. I was sat in a sweatbox  doing absolutely nothing. Some friends came for a couple of hours and treated me to an ice cream which was lovely, I packed up early and got out of there.

Friday I went to help my wife set her Gazebo up as it was just down the road from my show. Literally 1 minute after getting out the car I was kicked for being rude to her neighbours..Now either I am getting worse as I get older and morphing into a Victor Meldrew (with a full head of hair!) or her tolerance levels have lowered. I think after 22 years of being together it's probably a bit of both. I did have a bit of a chuckle when she came home and said her neighbours had down her head in all day..maybe I'm just a good judge of character after all.

Anyway I had a couple of ridiculously hot days not doing much in the Gazebo, everyone said the show gets busy on the weekend. So waited patiently for Saturday to come and again very started out well. Lots more people and made some sales early on, happy days then I think it became too hot for people to shop and I can't blame them. I did quite enjoy watching the show jumping. I had a text from the family to say they had a thunder storm which was only 30 minutes away from where I was. Guess what 30 minutes later the sky's turned black and we had an amazing storm, it hammered it down. I was a knight in shining armour and protected some horsey mum's in my gazebo. Now I have been known to strip off and run in the rain in my boxers but for the sake of the business and the ladies in my gazebo I resisted the urge to do so. If you've never ran in a storm in  your underwear I highly recommend it, it's very liberating. 

On the Saturday afternoon a very young girl on a bike came to the stand, she must of been  around 10 or 11. She said "please may I buy a chocolate vodka?" She had the money in her hand...errr no I said laughing, she said don't worry it's not for me..I did laugh and told her to bring a grown up. A couple of hours later a lady came up and said her daughter wanted to buy one earlier for her pony teacher, I said she was too young and the lady laughed and said I never thought of that! That's a new one for me.

The storm did clear the air for a while. 

Sunday was very similar to the other days, too warm to shop. I decided at 4pm to pack up and go home. I can't do anymore..then the most bizarre thing started happening. People started to buy things.. Now I can't explain it but when I have ripped down half the stand. Most of the stock was in the car. I have sweat running off my nose and people wanted to buy bottles. One man bought 8 bottles. So i was then running a car boot sale and selling bottles out the back of my car. Was quite good fun. If I had known that's all it took I could of sat in the car with the air con on selling instead of my torturous sweat box.

I then got a phone call from the Mrs who was at a show near Newbury, she had had an amazing day but didn't have enough stock for the following day. So as I looked at my car full of stock there was only one thing for it..a 3 hour drive to Newbury. A quick out stop on the way at home for overnight stuff then off I went. I had a lovely Gin and Tonic when I arrived at 9pm then collapsed into bed. This then meant i got to spend the day at her show with her. When I walked into her marque with her I was greeted with "what the bloody hell are you doing here?" Followed by "what the F#$k are you wearing?" You know your in good company when greeted like that... 

It seems my red shorts and skinny legs proved quite a hit at the show. With both stall holders and even customers giving me stick.. Steve cheese customer was the funniest when I heard them talking and the lady said Red shorts and noodle legs..who on earth would choose that. Was a fun day and I got to see a lot of the show and catch up with people I wouldn't get chance too. I then packed the stall up and got home around 8.30 only 30 minutes after my wife. So then our bank holiday started at 9pm when we chilled for half an hour before going to bed. Ready for the 4am alarm to start it all over again





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yin yang

I missed a weeks writing, so this is a catch up of the previous two weeks. We had a weekend off so I decided to take a week off writing this. 

Its been a good couple of weeks. The weekend that we had off involved going out on the Friday night with people that I go to the gym with. We just went in a few pubs, it was a great night spent with some very good friends. I have to say I am very lucky, I have made some wonderful like minded friends in the gyms that I go to. One of the highlights of the night was when a band started playing in the pub we were in, people were saying there is a Hare playing the Harp! I turned round and there was a Hare playing the Harp!! Very random. 

We spent the Saturday doing just normal stuff like shopping etc, we were both walking round Kings Lynn and both said it was so nice to just be normal for a weekend, just browsing the shops and having a coffee. Its one of the downsides to doing shows nearly every weekend, but on that Saturday it made us appreciate just strolling round the shops. On the Saturday evening we went out for a meal in the restaurant that middle child works at, it was great to see her in action. Makes you realise how grown up she is, also reminds you that they can smile and communicate instead of the grunting etc at home.  Talking of daughters, my youngest daughter has complained that I have never mentioned her on here. As I explained to her I had only mentioned Chloe and Leah in a negative light, she still complained so Jodie this is for you...Jodie is at the delightful age 13/14 where they are transitioning from nice polite girl to I guess what can only be described as a grown up grumpy chimp...who spends hours and hours doing their hair and make up and very little else.....who watch endless amounts of garbage on the TV...Hi Jodie, you got your mention...Love Dad..

On the Sunday we went to a friends family do thingy on the Sunday, that was great fun too, it involved lots of cake, lots of cider and lots of friends sitting round chatting and laughing. Happy Days! 

Now all of the above probably sounds mundane and boring and what people do all the time but for us its the exact opposite. It was so nice to socialise with good people and do just normal things. It makes you question whether you have the balance right and what is actually important to you.

Come the Monday I was mentally refreshed and raring to go regarding work, and thats what we did. We spent the week getting things sorted up at the new premises.  I had a nightmare with filling the screw holes in the plasterboard. There were hundreds of them,  I didn't realise that i was supposed to scrape most of the filler off, instead I left mounds of filler on which i then had to spend ages trying to sand off. Luckily my Mrs is amazing at painting and decorating so she has made the place look brilliant. So if and when you come to visit the new premises and think it looks great, it is 100% down to her!  

We had a couple of small shows at the weekend, a vintage fete near Ely Saturday and then an Open day near Stanstead Sunday. On the Saturday we did this one together, it was a good job we did as I realised half way there I had forgotten my wallet. My wife took great delight in allowing me pocket money...she did offer to buy me a beer at 10:30 am which I gladly accepted, while she served customers I was having a great time. Even saw a rather large looking Elvis turn up in a Pink Cadilac...Come 5pm I'd had a few pints and we (I use that term loosly) had sold lots, I felt like that luckiest man alive. 

Sunday I went off to Stanstead on my own...what can I say what a contrast...everyone was very pleasant, even the man who declined my offer of a sample as he was driving, whilst supping a pint of Guinness, I then watched him for most of the day, I lost count after 4 or 5 pints.  Lets just say it wasn't my best show, wasn't my worst, that honour still goes to Birmingham.

All in all a good couple of weeks and now we are getting ready for some bug shows and some new products and hopefully the new premises will be completed very soon.

So thats the yin yang of shows....some you win and some you lose..