Fen Spirits

We are a family owned and run distillery which started in May 2016 from our kitchen. We started compounding spirits and selling them at shows across the country. Behind the scenes we were converting a workshop on The Secret Garden Touring Park, Wisbech into a distillery. After two very long years and hours of hard work we moved in in February 2018.

We ferment and distill everything from scratch, fermenting sugar from sugarbeet and distilling this into 96% spirit (Vodka) before then re-distilling into Gin.

We also produce a range of fruit Gin liqueurs and flavoured Vodkas.

Each bottle is filled by hand, corked by hand, wax sealed by hand then labelled by…well you get the picture!

We are moving into different spirits for 2019 and have lots planned

If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email or give us a call





+44 (0)1945 474502


FenSpirits Ltd

The Chapel, The Secret Garden Touring Park,

Mile Tree Lane, Wisbech

PE13 4TR



M-F 9-5